The solutions of functional adaptation of the home we offer are always centered on the person, their needs and interests. In this way we make sure that we offer personalized products and arrangements to your situation and daily activity in the home and that allow you to continue developing the maximum daily and leisure activities in your home.

These are some of the people we have been able to work with and their experiences:

Isaac Amela

Hello, my name is Isaac, I live in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, I am 41 years old and I suffer from a neurodegenerative disease called Friedlia’s Atilaxia. This disease, among many other things, generates problems of balance and coordination of movements, which makes me use a wheelchair. I went to the Independent Living Center for a while to participate in

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Hi, I’m Araceli and I have cerebral palsy. Some time ago the people of the CVI came home and offered me some help to be able to walk much better around my house and be safer. They were very close and friendly people at all times with me. They put me some bars that help me move better through several

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I am Emilia, I have a cerebral palsy and I am 39 years old, in order to be able to live independently, in my house with all possible comforts, I contacted the CVI for 3 years now, so they could advise me and see what improvements I could do it in my house. The professionals in the center recommended me

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Once we know the person we deal with in depth and study the difficulties that his home presents so that he can continue to carry out daily life activities autonomously, we present the possible solutions through support products or arrangements at home: