The assistance to disabled or dependant people at his lifetime, will be completely customized. The global consideration of various bio-psycho-social factors do that there won’t be two equal situations and, consequently, makes the customization of the assistance and the offered solutions the main factors of success.

Typology of visits in the CVI


Diagnostic visit

It is the visit that is carried out by the center’s multidisciplinary team. During this visit, the interview with the social worker and the subsequent evaluation of the support products are carried out by the most suitable professionals. At the end of the different diagnostic visits, the CVI team performs a report specifying the products that will facilitate autonomy.

Orientative visit

Visit that is made to the relatives of the users to know the center and see some of the solutions that exist and thus have a first contact with the center.

Home visit

​The CVI team values ​​the person’s real environment in order to adjust the valued aids and customize their domicile.​

Learning visit

​Some support products require learning to be used and manipulated. An example of them would be the cranes, the CVI carries out these visits to be able to advise the users, relatives and caregivers of the people.​