The Center for Independent Living (CVI) assists dependent elderly and / or people with disabilities using supporting products and technology to improve the quality of life and facilitate autonomy and security in the home.


Actual situation in Catalonia
357.000 disabled people
322.000 dependent people
210.000 people older than 65

Project's main goal

We want to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of dependent people with disabilities and their families, in the area of ​​Catalonia. We want to help people to a more independent life and to avoid family work overload with the implementation of support products, technology and the elimination of architectural barriers. Leading a more independent life, and/or avoid family work overload.


A valuable space

Configured as an accessible digital home, where an interdisciplinary team provides personalized assistance.

Interdisciplinary team


Awareness Center

Regarding the promotion of personal autonomy in Catalonia. A place where support products are evaluated and presented to the public.

The CVI promotes multi-dimentional approach to promoting personal autonomy and universal accessibility.

At CVI you will find three different spaces

The Home area

This area reproduces the real environment of a home  with all the usual dependencies and in which the person with personal autonomy problems can reproduce the different activities of their daily lives and experiment with the aviable technical aids.

Personalized Service Area

In this area our multidisciplinary team individually attend people who adress the Center of Independent Living in order to be able to know them, identify their needs and find the most appropiate solutions to enhance personal autonomy at their home.

Area for Research and Services

The Independent Living Center needs a supportive space, where we store products and develop research and innovation activities, which include the control of computer and domotic elements. The research area is coordinated by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.