We work so that people can carry out day-to-day activities with maximum autonomy and security. To achieve this, we value and advise each person in a personalized manner in order to observe the difficulties and abilities when performing the activities of the home, we accompany him in the process of learning the support products together with his caregiver And we do the follow-up.

Food preparation

One of the common difficulties we encounter is work with the handling and treatment of food, as well as performing the activity in seat without generating excessive fatigue. We value products to hold, peel, cut, measure … as well as elements that allow cooking in a safe position.

Food table
Can opener
Frying pan holder

Communication and security

In this area, systems of warning and devices are valued, which, despite sensory or cognitive difficulties, make it easier to maintain active communication, enable it to be detected, used and notified if necessary. For example, illumination systems by presence for when there are situations of risk of falls during the nights. We also value accessibility in different multimedia, computer and communication devices.

Ringtone amplifier
Easy-to-use mobile phone
Wireless phone
Large-key phone
Large-key mobile phone

Hygiene and personal cure

It is valued to facilitate all transfers safely in the tasks of hygiene and care, as well as accessibility to the bathtub or shower and toilet or toilet hygiene. On the other hand, products are also valued as if there are difficulties in reaching the lower or upper limbs during the activity.

Spinning disc
Bathtub table
WC table with armrest
Long-handle comb
Toes' sponge
Spinning chair
Shower chair
Lotion applicator
WC raiser without armholder
WC raiser with armholder
10cm WC raiser with cover
Shower chair with back


In this activity we seek solutions to facilitate the use of the utensils we use to cut, handle and manipulate foods when we eat and drink.

Kitchen support products
Wide-edge dish

Mobility and transfers

We value products that facilitate transfers that we make throughout the day at home for both the person and the caregiver. However, for the trips that are carried out at home to carry out all the activities of daily life in their different spaces.

Articulated bed with triangle
Long pliers
Outside banister
Walking frame
Multifunctional chair
Kitchen chair
Folding rail


We propose and teach the use of different compensatory products and techniques, as well as strategies to facilitate the dress.

Sock dresser
Long shoehorn