With our lectures we want to spread and promote work across disciplines among different groups of professionals in a real environment.

We offer teaching services in order to expand the number of professional groups and relatives who can give better care for dependent people. Each course is tailored to the needs of the group to which it is addressed.

Visit to CVI

There is a tour for all the rooms of the apartment and you can see and discuss each help for every fact.

Length: 1 hour

The group can be, at most, 15 students and a teacher.


The workshops are designed for groups of maximum 12 students and last 2 hours. They are totally practical and allows the group to experience personally the limitations of people with functional diversity.

Visit + Workshop

This option is a combination of the other two.

The groups are of 12 students at most and lasts for 3 hours.

Types of workshops:

In the workshop it will be worked activities like waking up, dressing up, personal hygiene (shower/bath), WC, cooking, setting the table, eating, tidying and cleaning ussed utensils.

The workshop will consist in performing this activities with all the support products and the easy-acces furniture aviable in the CVI.

General objectives:

Adquiring knowdledge about different support products and arquitectonical and/or tecnological adaptations aviable in the centre for performing the daily activities.

The workshop will consist of carrying out the different transfers that are carried out during the day in a home, incorporating the different support products and adaptations existing in the center, in the same way that they will teach the different techniques to transfer transfers with help third person.

General objectives:

Acquire knowledge of the different techniques, support products and architectural and / or technological adaptations available to the center to carry out transfers and travel.

In order to move between the rooms, different support products will be used: walker, cane, crossbars, manual wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs.

The workshop will consist of knowing the different products of support and adaptations of the environment and the material related to the communication.

General objective:

Learn the use of existing support products to help with communication.

Understand the various situations to decide which support products can be functional for communication.