Returning home with support, autonomy and security

This is a pilot project done by several social health centers in the province of Barcelona and Associació per la Vida Independent (AVI). It is aimed at older people admitted to these centers under convalescence or long stay who have suffered a disabling process and once completed the rehabilitation process must return to their home, having to deal with what is no longer accessible / adequate for their new situation.

The project carried out a series of actions in order to promote maximum independence, autonomy and reduce the accident risk of these people. It was performed an assessment of the person’s needs and the support product or technical assistance they might need. It was made a prescription, installation and training of these products, taking into account the cognitive and physical characteristics of the person. If it was appropriate, the caregiver needs were also evaluated to improve activities of daily living related to: mobility, transfers, activities of personal hygiene, dressing, cooking, communication and safety…

The AVI team, is an expert in disability, dependency, support products, technology and accessibility and it is composed of: physiotherapist, speech therapist, occupational therapist and social worker.

This program develops a series of activities, which are detailed below:

– Diagnosis visit / assessment (on the health center)

– Home visit

-Report of products and support arrangements to enter the home

– Coordination of all activities listed, both the work and the installation of the support products

– Intervention validation

– Learning sessions about support products

– Monitoring of the intervention