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I met the CVI through a neighbor of the stairs that went down the street with a walker who had never seen. He saw that he could sit down, he could take the purchase and was easy to use. She spoke to me about the center, and I recommended going to try the products and the help they had. It was hard for me to walk down the street, crouch and put on my stockings and shoes (I used more shoes to be able to put them more easily) … On the other hand I did not feel the phone properly when I called my son; he always carried it on but did not understand it.

I asked for the visit and two girls attended me. What used to be the best was to try the products that they had in the center. They recommended me devices that could help me in my difficulties. Since then, the improvements have been many, since I can now dress myself easily, I can put on my socks, and I wear shoes of my number. I bring a phone that is very easy, it only has four keys. At home I have put on a device to feel better the doorbell door that warns me with a light. In short, I am now more autonomous, I feel more secure both at home and when I go down the street with the walker.