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Associació per la Vida Independent (AVI) is awarded by the European Commission with ONE STAR in the 2016 Call to become Reference Site on active and healthy aging. This star rewards our commitment to help foster innovation in this field. The results of the review have been validated by a group of independent experts from the European Commission and EIP on AHA.

The European Comision La Comissió Europea va llançar fa uns anys la iniciativa EIP on AHA (the European Innovation Partnership on Active Health Ageing), on l’objectiu és incrementar, 2 anys més de vida saludable per persones grans  de europa  mitjançant:

  • Improving the health and quality of life of citizens, especially the older.
  • Keep the long-term sustainability and efficiency of health and social care systems; and improve the competitiveness of the European industry.

The active and healthy aging is a challenge shared by all the European countries. It offers an opportunity for Europe to stand out as a global leader capable of providing innovative solutions. It consists in starting a series of support activities to help the Reference Sites, stimulating the exchange of experiences, promoting technical training and transfer of innovative practices, as well as showing the excellent work the Reference Sites carry out.

Official announcement

Website of EIP on AHA 

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