The “House Functional Adaptation Program” receives support from Departament de Treball, Afers Socials i Famílies

The program consists of carrying out different interventions at the home of the elderly with dependency and / or disability to improve aspects such as living conditions, personal autonomy and accessibility, as well as security. Priority is given to cases of people living alone or with another dependent person, with limited social support and limited economic resources. AVI is in charge of making an individualized and personalized study and assessment of the needs of each person and of designing and executing various works to facilitate the autonomy of the person at home; such as the placement of handrails, ramps … and other adaptations that allow the mobility of the person. A visit is made to the Independent Living Center, located at the headquarters of the association, in order to assess, test and verify that the prescribed support products (technical aids) and / or home adaptations are adequate and that they comply with the objective of improving personal autonomy and home security. Support products for caregiver discharge are also valued. The interventions have no economic cost to the beneficiary.

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