Isaac Amela

Hello, my name is Isaac, I live in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, I am 41 years old and I suffer from a neurodegenerative disease called Friedlia’s Atilaxia. This disease, among many other things, generates problems of balance and coordination of movements, which makes me use a wheelchair.

I went to the Independent Living Center for a while to participate in a study on the possibilities of home automation linked to mobile applications. To me all these things I like quite a bit and everything that is to facilitate the activities of daily life is welcome. I already had some things linked to my cell phone in the home, but really there I was taught many more and I could see a very good solution, easy to assemble and affordable, which I had long sought and that I had not yet solved in house

I, as I said before, have serious coordination problems and it was very difficult for me to put the key on the lock of the door to open and close. Well, there I could try a lock that opened and closed the door with my cell phone, which made me a lot of life and gave me much more independence.

A few months ago, I have it installed at home and it’s wonderful

Thank you very much CVI !!!